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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 13, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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through friday 5:00 p.m. eastern. and waters world saturday night 8:00 p.m. eastern. that is all the time we have for tonight, shannon bream and "fox news @ night" take it from here. >> laura: can the world have enough jesse watters? that is the question, jesse, thank you. >> jesse: good luck. >> shannon: we start with fox news alert, the protesters in hong kong continue clashes with police and bled the images fled social media and china warns the u.s. again to out of the escalating tension. but there are growing bipartisan call for america to do more. so should we? in the investigation into sex offender jeffrey epstein's death is heating up. the guard for the new york prison placed on leave and the warden reassigned as investigators are zeroing in on the social circle and potential
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coconspirators. the former acting attorney general matt whitaker joins us in minutes. and also live tonight the acting director of the u.s. citizenship and immigration services under fire for -- the statue of liberty and saying it was meant for european immigrants. we will ask him exactly what he meant in minutes. welcome to "fox news @ night," shannon bream and washington. we have fox team coverage tonight. standing by with the latest on trump's trade war with china, but first let's go to correspondent david spent at the white house with the latest on growing demonstrations in hong kong, good evening, david. >> chan president trump closely watching the situation unfold between mainland china and authorities in hong kong and the protesters in hong kong. that situation to change by the hour and also local authorities at the airport bracing for even more protest seems to be the pattern over the past few days. and possibly could happen in the next few hours. shannon more than 100 flights
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were canceled tuesday grounding thousands of passengers. check out this video even putting those passengers in harm's way as the angry crowd continued to grow. hong kong police officer shot rubber bullets to calm the demonstrators but it only worked in a few instances. the angry group attacked a man thought to be a double asian. you are saying that right here working for the chinese government in beijing. speaking of beijing the capital city many have said multiple times they want hong kong to work out its own problems. but that rhetoric is quickly changing. one official arguing that the protesters in hong kong are "beginning to show the spread of terrorism" the entire uprising began a few months ago when a group protesting over extradition bill that would essentially allow beijing to come into hong kong, transport accused criminals to mainland china. the protesters want hong kong executive carrie lemp who back the extradition bill gone from
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office. president trump asked about possible beijing military intervention in hong kong. here is what he had to say. >> a very tricky situation. i think it will work out and i hope it works out for liberty. i hope it works out for everybody. i hope nobody gets hurt. i hope nobody gets killed. >> within an hour later the president tweeted intelligence information, not before publicly known "our intelligence informed us the chinese government is moving troops to the border with hong kong. everybody should be calm and safe." the president and white house not expanding on that point, but shannon important to point out those millions of people living in mainland china under communist ruled state television are only getting one side of the story. and many clips edited to show protesters only attacking police officers, not getting it, the full picture, shanna back to you. >> jesse: that is what happens with state-controlled media.
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david at the white house, thank you very much. the chinese government canceled port visits to hong kong pike to coamerican warships. the u.s. defense official tells fox news the uss green bay was supposed to visit hong kong later this month. the guided missile cruiser uss lake erie was to dock there in september. so not even september yet but the president said he's worrying about christmas. the trump administration taking steps tonight to de-escalate the trade war with china. in exchange from the fox business network to explain, good evening. >> today provided relief to china but also to u.s. consumers. 10% tariffs on $300 billion of imports from china was slated to dodge the effect on september 1st. much of that gets delayed until the 15th of december. the items reads like a christmas shopping list of sorts, cell phones, laptops, personal
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computers, toys and president trump spoke about why the decision was made. >> we are doing this for the christmas season just in case the terrorist would have an impact on u.s. -- so far they have virtually none. the only impact has been reelected almost $16 billion from china. but just in case they might have an impact on people, what we have done is delayed it until then. it won't be relevant for christmas shopping. >> that news greeted on wall street, dow jones industrial average closed by more than 370 points. companies like apple's all their stock rise, apple shares higher by more than 4% of the day. as for what is next and all of this, well, for one thing negotiators have time to talk. the u.s. trade rep, the treasury secretary steven mnuchin spoke already with counterpart in china. the vice premier also agreed to
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talk again within the next two weeks. that is important and that the next round of talks which were supposed to happen next month in washington. there have been questions in recent days about whether those talks might be canceled. but at least we know now that both sides are talking. with that, shannon, back to you. >> jesse: thank you very much. by the wake of my life picture of the airport in the situation seems to be calm at the moment. and travelers trying to get where they are going. we are standing by to see if more protest that can shape there. the airport has been closed at times and frustrating but you will see people, the signs all over social media for sorry for the inconvenience but we are fighting for liberty. we will keep an eye on it. as china warns the u.s. to stay out of this whole thing, there are growing calls from both sides of the aisle in d.c. calling on america to get more involved in supporting the pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. should wake? the latest developments with former senior director of
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strategic planning at the national security council general, great to have you back with us. >> great to be back. >> jesse: let's talk about this a little bit. there is a lot of pressure on the president to say and do what he has. i hope everything works out okay i'm moving people to the border. i hope no one gets killed but what should the leader of the united states be saying at this moment? >> a little bit more than 240 years ago, those kids would have been our founding fathers actually fighting for our freedom rather than hong kong airport boston harbor where they were tossing tea. the king of england calling them terrorists too. one of the things we talked about the national security strategy, america needs to get back to talking about principles, not just open markets to leave the wealth of open markets and democratic principles lead to a better world. >> jesse: i thought about today in the last few days of the green evolution back in iran in 2,000 nights and criticism of obama administration for that not getting more involved. some people thought they should
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have done more. and ben shapiro tweeting obama remained silent during 2009 arena protest and it was a moral of the highest order that trump must not remain silent on hong kong. >> there is a failed belief that if we don't stand up to totalitarian or if we stand up to toward talent. we'll make it worse for the protesters. the party the chinese party will do what they want to do. they believe that we have revolutions because of who we are. so we actually have to speak up for principles. because otherwise, nobody will. everybody is looking to the united states. you will not see europe stand up for asia stand up. he will not see the u.k., germany so as to be america that stands for democratic principles and rule of law, civil rights and human rights. >> jesse: it has been interesting to see a number of protesters in hong kong using u.k. flags, british flags, american flags and singing our national anthem there which gives chinese ammunition that lamenting and getting involved. but it seems an appeal to any
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organized democracy out there that will come to their aid. >> think about us. we were going to france for help fighting for our own democracy. yes, they are looking for outside help. they know the communist party has all the power in the world. >> jesse: so the conga myths -- america is proof that democracy is worth fighting for. protesters in hong kong fighting for the same reason even in the face of chinese aggression and police brutality. they are standing by the worthy cause. we hear demands for freedom and support them and their mission. so this against the backdrop, obviously ongoing trade negotiations many calling trade war with china, how does that complicate the situation? speak with the trade war the chinese communist party decided they will not make a deal. whatever we do with regard to how we speak out about hong kong or even if we continue to have negotiations, there is no way to convince him to change. they are waiting for 2020 and they want the new president and they think they will get one.
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>> jesse: tom cotton said the republican veteran himself, here are some things he puts up. we will show some of these things he talks about we should do halting trade negotiations with beijing chemist sentient mention of the communist party officials for booking visas, party leaders and their families and curtailing student visas for chinese nationalists. expulsion of chinese officials from chinese leadership positions and organizations and revising hong kong policy act. how likely do you think any of those options are to be executed? >> probably not likely but we do need to think how involved we are with their economy and certainly their financial system. hong kong is a window to u.s. western capital markets. their ability to get u.s. dollars comes from our special relationship with hong kong. and the market index went from five to 20% which means our retirement funds are pouring billions of dollars into china. that is something that is really problematic giving everything
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going on. >> jesse: interesting to me too a number of bipartisan calls about this and the speaker of the house, along with kevin mccarthy the top republican in the house, pete buttigieg the democrat on the 2020 campaign trail. all of them and many voices coming together senator rubio comes and both sides of the aisle saying we have to do more to step up. it is unusual in these days to see something. with bipartisan support, but it looks like this is one of those moments. >> america used to make the world safe for democracy. when we put cash into china, we are making the world safer impression. >> jesse: general, thank you for stopping in. this is your area of expertise. senate majority leader chuck schumer said president trump should take "the five" billion dollars for the border wall and spend it on the initiative to address gun violence in which schumer calls violent white supremacist extremism is. calling in the senate to approve a bill with background checks
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for gun purchases. top democrats criticizing mitch mcconnell the majority leader for claimed by 95% of americans relinquish. today, he supports enhanced checks and believes mcconnell wants to do something. california and new york with a coalition of 22 states and a lawsuit against the trump administration decision to rollback restrictions on coal-fired power plants. the democratic led state said the federal government is in violation of the clean air act. in response, west virginia attorney general failing to lead a fight against what he is calling a power grab lawsuit. the doj takes action in the jeffrey epstein case. new video from his private island and former acting attorney general matt whitaker joins us life and says someone will be held accountable. ll, it to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy.
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>> jesse: this is a fox news alert. minutes ago the associated press reporting. the federal jail guards are suspected of falsifying laws and treat to show they were checking on inmates and jeffrey epstein's unit every half hour. the ap source, since they weren't actually checking on him and logs are falsified. surveillance video reboot -- reviewed after his death they said they never made checks in the log. the associated press working to independently support that. more on this rapidly unfolding investigation. >> to date attorney general william barr temporarily assigned warden to the correctional center where jeffrey epstein died of an apparent suicide. he also placed the two guards assigned to his unit on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation by the department of justice and the fbi. the move comes a day after serious irregularities and ncc the associated press reports one
8:18 pm
of the two guards was a substitute and not the correctional officer. the union representing the guard tells fox news epstein's death is the fault of bureau prisons versus systemic understaffing and overworked guards. this has new york post reports epstein hung himself saturday with a bed sheet wrapped around his neck and to the top of a bunk bed in his jail cell. leaning towards the floor and strangling himself. the criminal investigation to epstein's alleged sex trafficking network on the coconspirators like epstein's former girlfriend. and maxwell, one of epstein's accusers calls maxwell a primary coconspirator and a madam who used to procure underage girls for activities. this day after fbi agents raided x -- epstein's i lent his home on a u.s. virgin islands where he allegedly trapped u.s. girls.
8:19 pm
president trump defended his retweet of conspiracy theory complying -- implying the clintons had something to do with epstein's death. >> "inaudible." >> you have to ask did bill clinton go to the island? that is the question. i want a full investigation. and that is what i absolutely have demanded. >> lawyers for epstein's accusers asked a federal judge with nonprosecution agreement especially offering immunity to coconspirators. shannon. >> shannon: all right, brian, thank you very much. i want to bring an former active matt whitaker to talk about this. first your reaction to that report from the ap that these laws may have been falsified and video shows they were not actually a therapist but there was a log and they were checking on people. >> it seems like every hour, we learn new acts that raise additional questions that are
8:20 pm
unanswered. so i'm sure that right now bill barr is just waiting for the next shoe to drop to find out what else happened at this facility. but it is really concerning. but one of the things i think everybody needs to remember, this case is not over just because of this. we just had a raid, search warrant executed on the compound that will generate tons of evidence that will be sorted through. not only turn out to be more victims, but we could also have more coconspirators. i think that is a big deal for these victims is to get some justice and to make sure that this case isn't over. that the prosecutors continued to press forward with the charges as to whoever is culpable. these crimes are inexcusable, and we have to have them fully prosecuted. >> shannon: i think for public confidence, people want to see this case through and hear her alleged coconspirators and have them answer. >> the good news reported when bill barr heard about this and said i will have the fbi look
8:21 pm
into this in addition to the inspector general michael horowitz, what people need to understand, whirl with a public report and transparency. and he has a lot of experience with the g.o.p., bureau of prisons, so the perfect person to tell the story where this systemic failures occurred and to make sure that they don't happen again. because this is really inexcusable and disappointing but at the same time the cases and the victims will get justice. >> shannon: a lot of people have the same questions. town hall under the headline today reports shrieking heard from epstein's jail, wired -- and he says, shouldn't extra attention have been paid to arguably the most federal awaiting trial? especially someone who either try to kill himself or suffered an assault while behind bars. and especially someone who potentially who likely had significant dirt on a whole
8:22 pm
cabal of wealthy and powerful people. i think that is the number one question for people. how was this guy, listen if you are saying you can't cover every prison the way you want to, this guy was number one in custody awaiting trial most high-profile potentially dirt on everyone, you know, inmate, how does this happen? >> they already segregated into the special housing unit or what is known as the shoe. he should have had extra attention. all the protocols in the checklist that should have been followed and especially in a defendant like him and his situation and the crimes he's accused of, there is really no reason that these failures should have happened. the fact, as you pointed out, there should have been enhanced procedures because of the previous attempt or assault, most likely in an attempt. there were failures but there should have been more enhanced procedures, really inexcusable how we find ourselves here today. >> shannon: thea attorney general said "we will get to the bottom of what happen and there will be
8:23 pm
accountability. and the professor on another network said this about the attorney general. >> it really is important for the victims and to restore process and criminal justice system that he recuse himself from this investigation and let it be handled in a way that will restore confidence and do justice for the victim. >> shannon: you talk about the fact the inspector general oral bits will be handling this. will that be enough of a situation to trust people? >> there is no doubt in my mind, that is not a hot take and not even a reasonable take. that is someone who obviously, a purely political take and no reason for bill barr to recuse himself in this case. in fact we want the end attorney general to be involved because that is the only person to bring the kind of change to p to be necessary after we find out what happened to. >> shannon: any idea how long the a report for the inspector general will take? these are not overnight.
8:24 pm
>> they are not overnight and 2016 election report to kamal it seems like it took forever and now waiting on another report to come out. we heard in september but in this case a discrete set of facts the large staff of over 400 investigators. so i would fully expect they would get this done really quickly. but it seems they will want to be precise and they will want to be complete. that will take some time. but because it is a finite and discrete set of facts, i think they can do it quicker than maybe some of these other hopeless as they have been doing. >> shannon: as she said, this will be public so sooner rather than later. >> matt whitaker, thank you very much. >> thank you good to see you. >> shannon: democrats rolling out climate change plans and rural iowa is nervous. we will take you there next. ♪ pecially these days. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there.
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questioning gives a lot of money to israel. we can leverage that money to inside of the racism we have recently seen in israel. >> shannon: that independent described himself as a democratic socialist and often criticizes amazon over business practices is scaling back his criticism of "the washington post" after saying this yesterday in new hampshire. >> "the washington post" -- i don't know why. >> shannon: so tonight sandra says he doesn't think corporate media is anti-burning, but there is a framework of what we can discuss on what we cannot discuss and that is serious problem. democratic presidential candidate continuing to make pitches at the iowa state fair over delicious fried festival food hoping to win over the hawkeye state crucial early
8:30 pm
voting block. kristin post your us from des moines, she has lied to mike, good, christian. climate change is one of the key issues among democratic voters and the state and all of the 2020 contenders talk about it. and there are a lot of them inside of this cattle barn at the iowa state fair, and worried that combat climate change. could hurt the likelihood of. so i asked mayor pete buttigieg right after he stepped off of the soap box today, he thought, what it means to iowa voters who are worried that it will hurt their livelihood and this is what he said to. >> there is a way to make sure that this is a win for rule america. that is why i believe in soil management. there are a lot of things we can do where we list rule america as part of the solution. >> shannon: mayor pulley -- pete ruled out for rule americas
8:31 pm
before stepping up to the soapbt the iowa state fair. his plan includes a $50 billion investment in agricultural research and development to "empower farmers to confront climate change." in 2030 we will look back at 2020 and say we did what it took actually to deliver an economy where the rising tide -- that we did what it took to deliver a climate where we are not afraid of what our future will be." >> he is smart, like his ideas. >> he expresses good, clear answers that people can understand. a guy like steve bullitt, amy klobuchar, pete is definitely in the running. i think he's got a lot of good ideas, and you know, being from the midwest is a plus. you know, because let's face it. the democrats blew it last time in the midwest. >> shannon: as mayor pete put the fair favorite pork on a stick, one of the opponents
8:32 pm
grilled in new hampshire about what he thinks about eating meat given the negative impact factory farming has on the environment. >> i would not be honest with you if i did not tell you that i am a meat eater. although i am trying to eat a little bit better than i have been the past. >> shannon: spent a lot of time today with mayor pete supporters, but i want to make sure you all get a taste of the other side. this is pete. how are you doing? >> how is it going? >> thank you for talking to us. he runs a beef, cattle and corn farm in eastern iowa and is at the iowa state fair. you have concerns about mayor pete, climate change proposal, proposals and how it might hurt you and your family and your business. why? >> we have been farming for years. the more rules they keep making, it's harder for us to farm. we have been trying to get better yields but epa keeps making more. it is harder for us to get
8:33 pm
better yields as far as raising crops and crops to feed our cattle. as far as the pig farmers go, they rely a lot on corn and soybeans. they keep enforcing rules on us, we will not be able to produce as much as what everyone needs. so they just need to keep the rules may be make them a little bit better, like chinese to lighten things up as far as letting us, obama had some water laws and regulations. and i mean, it is hard. we live on a creek that has no water. he's making regulations on that when it would be easier to farm without them. >> i also want to point out, pete is a trump supporter and voted for president trump in 2016. you said you will vote for president romp in 2020 even though you have been hit pretty hard by some of these tariffs ad the tariffs from china, right? >> i will vote for trump again because i mean, he is working on
8:34 pm
the china deal. but nancy pelosi won't even bring on the floor to get voted on. as far as china looking in, they will make a deal with us if they can even work with the neighbors. they are looking at us like they have no idea what is going on. they have the floor and they won't bring it into vote. >> you told me earlier you are okay with short-term pain for long-term gain. and no pete is showing his cattle at the fair tomorrow. so best of luck. >> thank you, perfect. absolutely. shannon. >> shannon: kristin at the iowa state fair. thank you very much. good to hear from folks on all sides of difficult issues there on the ground and iowa, thanks. so where in the world launches in guatemala. the president select says guatemala cannot actually hold up its end of the immigration deal with the trump administration signed by his predecessor. alejandra said he doesn't think guatemala can serve as a safe third country for asylum-seekers
8:35 pm
because it he puts it, guatemala cannot tend to its own people let alone others. russia's defense ministry releasing video of a close encounter with one of its jets with nato f-15 fighter. that incident reportedly happened over the baltic sea. moscow claims the team got too close to a point during russia's defense minister. the university of london banning burgers and all beef products for sale. charging an extra fee for bottled water and single use plastic cups. it is important for instant -- important for fighting climate change and beef cows, she says hurts the planet. hundreds of indigenous women to protest against the federal government. they are fighting deportation and demanding better health services. president trump campaigned on limiting illegal immigration, but critics say his new plan goes too far and targets legal immigrants. acting director of u.s. citizenship and immigration ken cuccinelli on answering his
8:36 pm
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♪ >> shannon: federal investigators are searching for suspects tonight in connection with shots fired at two separate immigration and customs enforcement offices in san antonio pure law enforcement responding to the scene at 3:00 a.m. this morning and i want to show you the windows. one of them apparently hit by a bullet were bullets. the buildings have multiple tenants, the fbi says all of the shots they found were on floors with ice offices. "the washington post" says the trump administration's new public charts immigration policy, president trump tries to get congress to limit illegal immigration. it didn't. so no he's implementing a role that will vastly change who americans lead into america. it is an ideal so radical that he had to go it alone without leaders in his own party. the kim cuccinelli joins us live to discuss.
8:41 pm
great to have you with us tonight. >> good to be with you, shannon. i know you are talking about the policy and we want to get into that more with you. first of all i want to start with something and you said earlier the ap reporting ken cuccinelli said on cnn, the statue of liberty referred to europeans from class-based societies where people were concerned considered wretched if they weren't in the right class. so the headline tonight is that you said that the statue of liberty was for europeans only or something to that effect. tell us what you meant. >> [laughter] you know, shannon, if i opened my mouth, you know, they will scream something awful came out no matter what. i learn all sorts of things about what i said reading these articles. many of them completely and totally untrue. so this is, you know, the theme of the left media has been to ask about this poem because
8:42 pm
apparently, they don't want to talk about the policy that is as old as america itself. and that is we expect immigrants who come here to be able to support themselves. it seems pretty simple. to not go on welfare. and that is all the discussion is about. all of the poetry discussion is a complete distraction. that is what it is intended to be. >> shannon: what did you mean that the statue is that policy, the statue of liberty aimed at european immigrants, are you saying at that time frame? now you are doing it, shannon. when i didn't see it. >> you will now be quoted as saying that. shannon bream says -- >> shannon: that's why i'm asking you directly. we want to be paired to you and give you a chance. >> i didn't say anything to that line. i got asked the question by erin burnett asking me about a question i got asked on dnr this morning and one thing turns into another. look, the statue of liberty was
8:43 pm
a president -- a present from france turning -- america turning 100 years old. our only ally, that's not true spain was pretty good too. that is what that was about. this whole poem had nothing to do with the statue of liberty that france gave us. it was part of building a pedestal for the statue of liberty to stand on. it was a poem written ironically enough when you're after the first federal public charge law. and a lot of people on the left are trying to use this poem as if it is lost somehow. and of course, we have always used that poem and it expresses a mess out those yearn to be free, as it says in the poem. but they still need to be able to support themselves and not rely on the public or the government. and the rule -- the only issue we announced yesterday and wille formally issued tomorrow does exactly that. >> shannon: 's let me get you
8:44 pm
to respond to chris hahn who we had on last night. here is how he characterized the policy and here is what he says and then we will get your reaction. >> good credit and private insurance. who fling a war zone has good credit and private insurance? in fact most of the world does not have private insurance. >> shannon: is that accurate to say people cannot get into the country if illegal immigrants unless they have a good credit score and private health insurance? >> well, there is actually not just one mistake in there but several. first of all, the private health insurance is someone seeking to get a green card and they have private health insurance, that is a heavily weighted positive factor. know one thing decides any case, shannon. we as a complete totality of the circumstances and career immigration services officers making these decisions, so we focus a lot on talking about welfare. that is a heavily weighted negative factor.
8:45 pm
private health insurance, heavily weighted positive factor. but also said something else. people coming from a war zone and referring to refugees. refugees, societies and domestic violence victims and trafficking victims all humanitarian categories are not covered by the public charge rule at all. america has been the most generous country in the history of the world when it comes to having open arms to the rest of the world, but look, america's immigration system is first and foremost for the benefit of america and americans who are here today and are our citizens. that is what this is about, continuing the tradition of bringing immigrants who are ready, who want that freedom, but who are willing to work for it and have the ability to stand on their own two feet in the united states and not go on welfare system in the future. >> shannon: we know these are again not new laws but bipartisan support in the past. we are glad you had you here to separate fact from fiction and
8:46 pm
people can decide what they think about moving forward. we will look for the official ruling to come out tomorrow, ken, thank you. >> super, good to be with you. >> shannon: democrat send a warning to the supreme court telling the justice to straighten up or face a "restructuring." what is that all about, next. s fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels. thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals, sports fans are seeing more away games. various: yeah-h-h! isn't that a fire hazard? uh, it's actually just a fire. priceline. every trip is a big deal.
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♪ >> shannon: a new warning tonight from the left aimed squarely at the conservative majority on the supreme court. a handful of powerful democratic senators putting their weight and words behind a potential restructuring of the high court. trace gallagher literally on the case for us tonight, hey, trace. >> shannon good evening. not often the supreme court offered ultimatum but the democrats have the wind to their backs when it comes to pursuing the improbable. this week as part of a brief filed about new york city gun laws, democratic senator sheldon whitehouse, richard blumenthal, dick durbin, and kirsten gillibrand an unusual warning to the high court sang recent rulings by the courts conservative majority are clear indications the court is suffering some sort of affliction which must be remedied, quoting the supreme court is not well in the people know it, perhaps the court can heal itself before the public demands to be restructured in order to reduce
8:51 pm
the influence of politics. the public demands the part of that statement is apparently a reference to quinnipiac poll which 51% of those polls favored restructuring. of course the supreme court being restructured has become a daily talking point among 2020 democratic presidential candidates. with the most common suggestion being court packing meaning to increase the number of justices. former vice president joe biden and bernie sanders bernie sanders are against court packing. though sanders thinks that justices should be rotated to other courts. conservatives currently outnumber liberals on the high court 5-4 but the past year a number of cases where conservatives including president trump's picks, that cavanaugh have sided with liberals. and for the record democrats are considering if the supreme court takes up this case involving now defunct new york city gun laws, it could prevent other cities from passing similar gun control legislation so they want the court to just leave it alone.
8:52 pm
shannon. >> shannon: we will see if they do, trace gallagher things. the democrats think they can lose the key gun rights case and the supreme court. is it fair to issue a threat to the justices? fox contributor richard fowler and chairman of house judiciary committee bob, good to have you tonight. let me read a little bit more from the breed. the democratic senators say supreme court is not wealth. the people know it. but the court can heal itself before the public demands it be restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics, particularly the urgent issue of gun control in the the nations need it to hill. mr. chairman, what does that say to you? >> several things, first of all it is brazen and secondly, banana republic politics. they want the court to be healed of politics, they should stop filing a brief because that is clearly politically motivated. and designed to try to threaten the court which i think is a very, very bad tactic.
8:53 pm
but it threatens the independence of the judiciary, which is one of the most sacred aspects of protecting the civil liberties and assuring that justice provides two people. you are going to have people on the supreme court have different constitution but if they would focus on that, on reading the letter of the law, then the republicans and democrats could come together to make sure we have justices that pay attention to what the law is and not politics. i would say they are gauging politics and not the justice system. >> shannon: news daily under this headline, tried to bully the supreme court into action on gun-control ordinate. should the court ruled against new york city and this case, it would create a significant obstacle against the creation of similar, ridiculous regulations and democrats are not up for that fight. so spoiled brats off to do they turn to threats. idle, may be. richard. >> it is interesting to me as far as for distressing to say the things that happen to the
8:54 pm
court, court packed and that is a very, very might be a dream, but what i will say. very interesting and something we saw in the late justice stevens dissent on the order of the bush case. once the court loses the ability to be above the fray. but the politics, gore versus bush where we lose legitimacy. that is what we see today, one side, another side and waiting on one or two justices but beyond that, the larger justice system and the court system is what is happening in the united states senate. founders never, ever one of the system which supreme court justice or pending justice have to wait 239 days without getting a hearing which is what happened to president obama. so in this country we have to think about how do we make the courts impartial and how do we do it well. >> shannon: knowing many of justices across the ideological spectrum, i feel like they will not respond well to this because
8:55 pm
they don't like being pushed were threatened by another branch. >> no, at the justice has already made it clear she thinks nine justices the right number e have had for 150 years. it was republicans, quite frankly, playing with those numbers right after the civil war. they did not want andrew johnson to have appointments when lincoln was assassinated so they cut the number of justices. when grant was elected president, they upped it. franklyn roosevelt trying to do it in a super majority in the congress by the way, he got pushed back readily. i think that will happen again. >> shannon: ten seconds. >> i think nine justices is the right number but the right question to ask yourself, should two justices be political as they are and you know that decision comes out. >> shannon: we will see how this plays out gentlemen, the "midnight hero" stage iv cancer but still needed to work his wheat farm so his neighbor stepped in and what would have taken weeks to finish within a
8:56 pm
few hours of his 18 combines and 20 grain trucks, 120 acres and a single day. the amazing community around larry. you really are our "midnight hero" the best in america. most washed, most trusted, good night from washington. i am shannon bream.
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♪ >> mark: hey, good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," i'm mark steyn in fort tucker, who has gone fishing, but don't worry, he's casting aside for sal wester and he will be making a special appearance right here just a little later, so don't miss that. but first, in the days as jeffrey epstein's apparent suicide in a new york jail house, the circumstances of his death are only growing ever more bizarre. fox chief breaking news bicorrespondent trace gallagher with the latest developments. trace. >> fox news can now confirm the wardenf


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